Volunteer in Marine Conservation Philippines

Our Expectations

Volunteers who come to Marine Conservation Philippines come from very diverse backgrounds, but everyone has one thing in common – a wish to help preserve nature.

Besides this common wish, we expect everyone to understand that volunteering with us is no resort stay or a five star holiday. Volunteering is for people who like getting their hands dirty – noone is here to make other peoples beds or clean their rooms, there’s long days in the water, and it might be your turn to lend a hand in the kithen and cut some veggies for a bunch of hungry scuba divers. We all bunk in together, and it really is a bit like camping out. Camp fires and story telling included.

The Filipinos are generally enourmously friendly and considerate, and they have their own culture and customs. We ask of our volunteers to remember we are the guests and behave accordingly, same as we would expect anyone to behave in our own home. Generally speaking, with enthusiasm, a willigness to learn new things and consideration for people and culture you’ll come a long way. Upon arrival at the expedition base, volunteers will be briefed on local culture and customs.

Various beverages including ones with alcohol can be purchased on site. We’re fine with people unwinding over a drink or two at night, and for sure there will be parties, fiestas, volunteer birthdays etc. every now and then. This is all good natured and fine, but we expect of volunteers to excercise a degree of moderation, especially if diving the next day. Loud drunken behaviour that may annoy others on base is not acceptable.

Marine Conservation Philippines reserves the right to terminate the stay of any volunteer whose behaviour is deemed to be offensive to other volunteers, staff of the surrounding community.