Marine Conservation Philippines
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Meet the team

Jon Baines
Project officer and fund raiser

After travelling around for a couple of years to gather experience in diving and marine conservation he finally ended up on land trying to protect forests and help people. He loves the complexity and broad reach of conservation and to make sure both the environment and the people are protected. Jon likes softice.

Raffy Casiñares
Technician, Dive team leader
Raffy, scuba technician

Born and raised in Palawan, Raffy our service technician and divemaster has found a spot at MCP. He loves to fix things. Anything that needs a helping hand, he’s the guy for the job. With vision like his, he can also spot any little critter hiding underwater.

Aoibheann G. Mules
Volunteer manager, Instructor
scuba instructor Aoibhean

Aoibheann (pronounced E-Fin) is a passionate PADI Scuba Instructor with a marine science background. She moved to the Philippines a few years ago and fell in love with the country. She loves to see people smile especially by introducing them to the underwater realm.

Daniel Lovborg
Scuba instructor

An environmental engineer by education, and a big marine life and dive enthusiast, Daniel has joined the MCP instructor team. Having previously worked in commercial dive operations around the world, Daniel has now found his spot working with marine conservation in the informal atmosphere at MCP camp.

Laura Schram
Intern, divemaster

Having done her divemaster training at MCP, Laura fell in love with the place and has stayed ever since. With a smile from ear to ear, Laura is a frogfish aficionado extraordinaire and often takes a key role in our biological surveys. Laura often captains one of our dive teams, and as a divemaster, she is also often involved with check out dives for new volunteers.

Ashley Carreiro
Staff biologist, BSc

Ashley is a marine biologist, a member of AAUS and a PADI scuba instructor on the side. Together with Annelies she is the architect of our surveys activities. When she’s not busy in the water or at the screen she’s exercising in the gym or scratching her head over the logistics of where all our survey teams are heading next week.

Helle D. Larsen
Logistics Manager, B.Ed, PgD

With experience from diving and hospitality management, nothing goes on at base without Helle somehow having a hand in it. Helle has a background in teaching and is always quick to laugh. She has no business playing a guitar, but sadly noone ever told her. She’s also known to teach games to volunteers only to have someone to beat.

Annelies Andringa
Science Officer, MSc, MEd, A.I.

Annelies is a tropical ecologist and a teacher of teachers. She has written a wealth of educational material and specializes in environmental education. A surgeon-like steady hand has ensured her many a Jenga victory and if she challenges you to a game for the dishes you might as well put on the apron.

Soren Knudsen
Program Manager, DSO, B.Ed
Exiting the water

A passionate scuba educator, Soren has worked in the trenches and behind the scenes of the scuba industry in Europe and Asia. He’s extremely pleased to be living in a hilltop bamboo hut and be considered a fish-hugging hippie. If he’s not in the water, you’ll find him near the coffee stand.