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Facts and figures

Area: Coastal circumference of Siquijor is 102 km, and total land mass is 343.5 square km. This makes Siquijor the third smallest province in the country both in terms of population and land area.

Languages: The main language spoken in Siquijor is Cebuano. English as well as Tagalog is also spoken by most of the residents.

Population: According to the 2000 census, there are a total of 81,598 Siquijodnons, as the residents of Siquijor call themselves. The same census also states that Siquijor has 17,351 households with an average household size of 4.70 persons. The annual population growth rate is 2.19%, which is slightly lower than the national growth rate of 2.36%.

Education: Literacy rate, one of the highest in the country, is at 92.5%.

Climate:  Siquijor has a dry season from around December to May, while the other half of the year is markedly more humid. Annual rainfall is 1,305 millimeters, with mean temperature of 27.8 degrees C and humidity of 78%.