In this section you’ll find publications, white papers and articles written by MCP staff, interns and external contributors. Most articles relate to the subject matter we study and work with, namely conservation, marine biology and scientific diving. As a research centre employing scuba diving, we also find it natural that some of the articles relate to scuba diving safety, equipment, training and methodology.

Kindly note most of these articles, especially those on scuba diving, are intended for a wide audience, and we fully encourage our contributors to write their articles in plain English.

Some of these articles are merely informational, others are technical or scientific while a third group are opinion pieces. Please don’t confuse one for the other. Anything presented in articles, especially those of an editorial nature, are the thoughts of the individual authors – if we feel markedly differently about issues or need to comment as an organisation – Marine Conservation Philippines will add commentary as an appendix.

Scientific Articles and White Papers


  • Zamboanguita MPA 2018-2019 report. An evaluation of the Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in Zamboanguita from June 2018 to August 2019. Laura Schramm and Charlie Wiseman




Survey Manuals

If you’re really anxious to get started or are part of another organization looking to use our survey methods, you can find full outlines of our methodology here. Keep in mind, we do occasionally change our survey methodology so it may be best to wait until you arrive to put them to memory. Regardless, these manuals give a good overview of the type of survey dives you will be doing during your stay at Marine Conservation Philippines.

Last update/revision to invert and substrate manuals: November, 2017

Last update/revision to fish survey manuals: April, 2017

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