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We urgently ask for your help!

Living under the shadow of COVID19, the Philippines is desperately behind the curve with implementing measures to isolate and separate people. People generally live in large families in confined quarters, it’s the way of life. Social distancing is extremely hard to practise. In addition general poverty, lack of bank accounts and living from day to day or week to week and conducting micro purchases require people to be mobile to shop and to get to work to feed their families.

Going out, and getting to places in tightly packed tricycles and jeepneys is the worst possible thing now. We need to immobilize people or the disaster that will befall the Philippines will be unlike any we have seen in Europe or China.

We are so very small and insignificant, but we know we have many kind hearted friends, many people who have come and volunteered in the Philippines and who love the country and the people. We now urgently beg for your help. If we can get food to people, they stand a chance of staying home. If they can stay at home, they can take of their elders and will not bring home the lethal virus.

Every dollar donated will go to supply food (primarily rice) for local families in the community. The local barangay health divisions will be asked to help with disbursement. As long as we are able to we will provide help ourselves, but we are critically hurt as we no longer have any international volunteers to help provide labor or funds. As a token of appreciation for your help, once you have donated any amount you will be given the option to download for free the new MCP cookbook, a fabulous book we had been looking forward to launching under much different circumstances.

We pray for your help and for your health and safety

The MCP team

Donations are handled through PayPal (you do not need to be a PayPal user, you just need a credit card.) Once you’ve donated, you will be taken to a new webpage for the download.

Marine Conservation Philippines is a registered non-profit, and your donation is likely to be tax exempt, depending on legislation in your home country.

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The Cookbook

MCP presents a delicious selection of vegetarian recipes created by our chef, the warm and vivacious Melba.

This collection ranges from traditional Filipino dishes to her own tantalising creations, all simple to make but with mouth-watering flavours. Melba’s food is versatile and are perfect for anything from cooking dinner for your family to hosting large dinner parties.

The dishes sit alongside Melba’s words of wisdom and selection of idioms that she’s collected from previous generations – a fun read whilst being quarantined, or waiting for your creation to be ready! Melba’s food is second to none, and we’re delighted to share it in the form of her new cookbook.


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