MCP is registred with the Philippine Securities and Exchange commission as a non-profit, non-stock coorporation (under reg. no. CN201506332.) There are no shareholders to generate revenue for, and all funds garnered through volunteer fees, CSR, grants and private donations are used to facilitate the continued and expanded operation of the organisation.

MCP is audited by an external certified public accountant.

Budget Breakdown

Yearly expenditures vary significantly, especially as we’ve had to renovate many buildings and acquire new material assets after COVID19. This is the averaged budget data for 2018, 2019 and 2022. . Aside from illustrated expenses on the right, MCP has been able to save 10-15% of income for our contingency fund.

  • Housing, utilities and food
  • Salaries
  • Base Improvements / repairs
  • Vehicles, repairs and fuel
  • Utilities
  • Donations and charity
  • Advertising
  • Rent
  • Staff training and conferences
  • IT, servers, web
  • Airfills, compressor maintenance and gasses
  • Acquisition of new assets (scuba gear, vehicles etc)
  • Educational material
  • Professional membership fees and insurance
  • Security services
  • Miscellaneous
  • Bantay Dagat augmentation

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