Can I do the Divemaster course in less than 2 months?

Absolutely. But not with MCP. There’s two reasons why this is so. On one hand we actually want to be able to be proud of our candidates. Once you get a divemaster certification you have a professional license to work in the field as a professional diver in charge of the safety of others. That’s not something to take too light hearted, honestly. Many recreational dive shops teach the course in as little as fourteen days. Basically, to these shops, each trainee through the doors is money on the bottom line, so if you are not going to work with them, the faster you get in and out the door the better. We have completely different ambitions. The other reason we insist on taking two month is so that you also may get time to experience working in conservation. This is good for you, but it also justifies all the additional effort our instructors will put into your training.

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