Can I visit other places during my stay at MCP?


Yes, within reason you can take days off to do local sightseeing or go island hopping. We do not have a set rule about how much is too much, but please be aware that we value your contribution to our project, and that we can’t accomplish anything without the work of volunteers. We’d like for you to participate as much as possible. Please also keep in mind, that when you take days off, we can’t let someone else have your room, bed and lockers. What this means for you, is that when you enroll as a volunteer with our program your fee covers a certain period (six weeks, three months or however long) in which you’ve got three daily meals, diving, dive gear, accommodation etc. available. If you choose not to take advantage of this for a number of days, that’s alright – but the days are not added at the other end of your stay, nor does Marine Conservation Philippines reimburse volunteer for “unspent” days. As such we kindly suggest that it makes more sense to our project, and financially to you, to do your independent traveling either before or after staying with us. One option to consider perhaps, is that you can find fellow volunteers, who wish to travel on and explore the Philippines after staying with us?

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