(you never know…)


(you never know…)

Why bother?

The thing about insurance is that you never need it until you do…

In the past years we have had volunteers need travel insurance for these reasons:

Family recall (someone at home died)

Coverage of medical bill after motorbike accident

Lost/stolen baggage in the airport

Serious ear infection preventing participation in scuba diving

Marine Conservation Philippines presently recommend World Nomads as your travel insurance for volunteering, as it’s easy and fast to signup online, they will cover you no matter where you are from, and it’s typically more affordable than other policies with broadly similar coverage. 

In any given accident, how much help you can get from your insurance company depends. Like all other insurance companies, World Nomads does not cover any and all claims. You need to read the policy and decide if you are happy with the coverage. And yes, we know! Policies are awfully long, and written in a way that will make anyone but a lawyer fall asleep.

If you don’t want to read it, fine, go on, gamble a bit. But don’t blame us if you have subsequent disappointment. Our recommendation is just that. A recommendation.  You have to make your own choices, and take ownership of those choices.

World Nomad support Marine Conservation Philippines with a donation for everyone who signs up for this project. 

Good to know :  World Nomads cover scuba diving, as long as you dive within your certification limits, (or are taking a course with our instructors to expand those limits). It does however not cover diving deeper than 50m, no matter the circumstances.

In other words, you do not need to take out a separate insurance for scuba diving.

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