Doing your internship with us is meant to give you experience working in a marine conservation organisation as part of a larger team. Media interns positions are open for to many different kinds of profiles and people with different backgrounds.  Perhaps you’re a photographer, videographer, webdesigner, illustrator, marketing-guru, artist, social media wizard, or something else.

In either case, you’re already skilled. Outside of what you’ll learn as being part of an environmental organisation, working with deadlines, overcoming obstacles, meeting fascinating people, making a difference, we will not teach you specific methodology related to your media internship.

This cannot be overstated.  You do not learn Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop on this internship, you already know or don’t. You do not learn how to be a videographer on this internship. You already are one, or you aren’t one.  You do not become a writer on this assigment, you are one already, or you aren’t.  Same for webdesign, photography, illustrations or whatever your background is.  You have an expertise, and that is how you can help us, and why we accept you into a role in our organisation.

In short: If you are not yet talented, but want to be, we cannot accept you into this role, as we cannot teach you. In a nutshell, we are scientists and dive instructors, not creatives.

Our Expectations

If you are a student we expect you will:

  • Inform us before you come what your university or college expects of us in terms of evaluation and tutoring.
  • Have a tutor from your university, who will approve the scope of your work with us, and who will guide you with requirements for writing your final report.
  • Intern with the desire to stay for a minimum of 10 weeks, so you have ample time to get to know the location and contribute to the organisation.
  • Bring your own laptop with the software you will need.  While we have a number of computers (Apples) at base, you cannot count of either of them being available for the extensive periods or time you’ll likely need it.

What We Provide

  • An exciting chance to work in an environmental NGO, where your work makes a real difference on the ground
  • Feedback on your activities and work
  • Usage of all the MCP facilities;
  • 50% reduction of volunteer fee. You will only pay $250/week. This includes three daily meals; tea, coffee and water; various snacks; basic dorm accommodation; free scuba diving and use of dive gear; marine park fees. and a 75% reduction of volunteer fees, $125/week if you will not be doing any diving at all during your stay.
  • Media internship have clear and agreed upon expectations on creative outcomes. The practical application of your discounted stay is arranged by paying regular price for the stay prior to arrival, and then having a partial refund when the agreed upon material are delivered. If the agreed upon material is not produced, no partial refund is given.
  • You can join any PADI dive course you wish to, to the extent it’s offered and there’s an available spot, but you have to pay for the certification and books.
  • Assistance from volunteers for your activities if needed and depending on availability.
  • An inspiring and fun working environment of local and international conservationists, volunteers and scientists.

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