• Soren Knudsen
    Soren Knudsen Program Manager

    A passionate educator and technical dive instructor, Soren has worked in the trenches and behind the scenes of the scuba industry around the World. Soren generally handles outwards communication at MCP, and if he’s not diving, you’ll find him behind the screen of the laptop he always lugs around. Soren is one of the founders of MCP.

    • Helle D. Larsen
      Helle D. Larsen Logistics Manager, Accounting & HR

      With a professional background in education and extensive experience in diving and hospitality management, nothing goes on at base without Helle somehow having a hand in it. Helle handles logistics and accounting and manages local staff and our maintenance team. Together with Soren she manages the base.

      • Jon Baines
        Jon Baines Project officer, liason and fundraising

        Having worked with and for several NGOs in diving and marine conservation Jon finally ended up on land trying to protect forests and help people. He loves the complexity and broad reach of conservation and to make sure both the environment and the people are protected. Besides being instrumental to fund raising efforts, Jon also works tirelessly as a liaison officer to government agencies and ensures our partnerships are successful.

        • Laura Schram
          Laura Schram Science and Planning Officer

          Laura meticulously plan and schedule activities at MCP to ensure the science and diving operation runs smoothly. Besides having the grand overview, Laura is a PADI instructor, and with a smile from ear to ear, she takes a key role in teaching scientific survey methodologies to new volunteers. Laura captains one of our dive teams and is heavily involved in data processing and analysis together with Ashley.

          • Ashley Carreiro
            Ashley Carreiro Staff biologist, Diving Safety Officer

            A marine biologist, a member of AAUS and a PADI scuba instructor. Ashley is the architect of our scientific survey activities, and is the reason why our monitoring protocols have been so successful and adopted by government agencies. When she’s not busy in the water or at the screen analyzing data, she corresponds with our academic interns, and handles mentoring and guiding of interns on site.

            • Raffy Casiñares
              Raffy Casiñares Dive Technician and Dive Team Leader

              Born in Palawan, Raffy our service technician ensures the safe running of the dive operation. He services all MCP scuba gear and air delivery systems, and there is nothing he cannot fix. Raffy frequently lends his aid to municipal efforts on MPA infrastructure, and as an accomplished divemaster and tec diver he ensures adequate safety for these deep demanding dives.

              • Aoibheann Gillespie-Mules
                Aoibheann Gillespie-Mules Volunteer Manager and Instructor

                Aoibheann (pronounced E-Fin) is a very experienced PADI Scuba Instructor with a marine science background. As volunteer manager, she is the first person new volunteers meet, and the last they say goodbye to. Together with her colleague Daniel, she leads the divemaster training at MCP, and works as a Green Fins assessor with local dive centres, advising them on sustainable and sound diving practises.

                • Daniel Løvborg
                  Daniel Løvborg Lead Instructor

                  An engineer by background and a technical diver, Daniel heads the MCP instructional team. Having previously worked in commercial dive operations around the world, Daniel now uses his talents to facilitate the training of volunteer divers at MCP camp. Besides teaching, Daniel is heavily involved with designing and updating the scuba program and dive program of MCP.

                  • Frances Camille Rivera
                    Frances Camille Rivera Education and Liason Officer

                    Passionate and inspiring, Camille is our Marine educator who is hungry for all things that can help the environment and the people that it affects. She has an MSc of marine conservation and a background of oceanography, she effectively communicate science to local stakeholders. Camille handles all community engagement and teaching in local schools to spread knowledge of crucial marine issues.

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