Nuclear power to help end global warming?

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Many scuba divers are avid conservationists – if the aquatic world is in peril, you can trust a diver to sign the petition, boycott the practise, stop eating the questionable food and so on. It’s no wonder perhaps – because once the sea casts its spell, it holds you in its net of wonder as Cousteau remarked. However, one thing that is somewhat odd, is now so many divers and conservationists holds nuclear power in such disregard.

Theres a very real misalignment between percieved danger and actual danger. Unknown to most, much more dangerous than nuclear power, and having caused many more fatalities than nuclear power plants is hydroelectic dams. Surprising?  Well, certainly surprising to the people living downstream of the more than 322 Chinese dams that have failed in the last 50 years!

Today we publish a new short editorial article on Nuclear power and how misperceptions about it are helping much more dangerous and destructive power generation contribute to global warming. We hope you’ll find it interesting.

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