The PADI Advanced Open Water Course builds upon what you learn in the Open Water Course and teaches you what you need to safely dive a little deeper. The depth limit for divers certified through the PADI advanced course is 30 meters, rather than the 18 meters you initially get certified to dive to with the Open Water program of most dive training organisations. Besides learning about logistical and safety issues with deeper diving, the course also covers underwater navigation in more depth (no pun intended.)

Course At-a-Glance
  • 6 theory modules
  • 5 knowledge reviews
  • 5 open-water dives

The MCP Way

Structurally the course consists of five dives – two of which always has to be a deep dive and a navigation dive. The remaining three dives are chosen together with your instructor. One dive we always try and encourage people to do, when they take their advanced course is the peak performancy buoyancy dive. In it, through various activities and games, you practise your buoyancy, and most people – even experienced divers find they get a lot from it. We also usually do a dive dedicated to dive safety and rescue, where you will go through certain exercises that also forms part of the PADI Rescue Diver Course. When our conservation volunteers go through the program, usually it makes sense to log two of the dives as a Fish ID dive and and a Night dive, where we try and identify various species around our divesites on Negros. The Fish ID dive obviously has a focuses on fish, and the grouping of certain families, tell-tale markings etc, while the naturalist dive focuses on the ecosystems at large and we look at plantlife, invertebrates etc.

If you’re not doing the Advanced Open Water course through our volunteer program, but are a member of a local government unit or partner organization for example, you have more choice in the matter. Amongst other possibilities you can choose between wreck diving, drift diving, night diving and a host of other options.


The PADI Advanced Open Water course allows you to dive to 30 meters together with a buddy in conditions similar to those under which you were trained. Even though you’ll be a proficient diver and be allowed to dive together with a buddy, you may still prefer diving with someone more experienced acting as dive guide.

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