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PADI Night Diver

On the PADI Night Diver Course you’ll discover how to plan and execute dives at night. Although diving in the dark might seem scary, you’ll discover a completely new and fascinating universe to dive into. To do so safely, there’s a number of considerations you’ll need to look into and procedures you’ll learn.

In the tropical water of the Philippines, where you rarely feel cold, even at night, night diving is all fun. Who needs the light of the day when your dive torch is focused on the most amazing critters hunting, corals feeding or the plankton bioluminescence? Night diving in many other dive location in the world means having to go freeze in cold water for a very dark dive; but in the most beautiful dive sites of the world, night diving is an experience you won’t forget.

The course entails:

Three or four dives over two weeks without affecting our regular program by day (you may be given credit for one dive through the Advanced Open Water course)
Night dive planning and preparation
Handling Night diving Equipment / Management and care
Communication by night
Night orientation – Descents / Ascents
Safety and buoyancy practice
Navigation practice – Natural + compass
Stress management – How to handle stressed situations at night
Handle advanced dive sites – Tricky navigation site ? Depth ? Current ?
Marine life observation

Diver prerequisites:
A diver need to be at least certified as an Open Water Diver.