Using downtime for base improvements

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As the covid19 pandemic rages on and borders are still closed, it’s been a priority for MCP to try and keep our local staff employed for as long as we are financially able to so they may continue supporting their families. The downtime has been used to make a lot of renovations and base improvements. Former volunteers will be happy to know that thanks to a new water tower and new piping, we now have good water pressure all over base – even when everyone is trying to shower at once. We have built additional toilets and showers, which will help increase safety when we open up again, in terms of fewer people using facilities.

Aside from constructing the water tower and showers/toilets many improvements, big and small have been going on.  While we’ve not documented the whole process, a few pictures below show some of the renovating process. The bungalows are getting new raised roofs of sak-sak, a native long grass that grow in wetlands, as well as new windows, wall cladding and sky lights.  All in all the dormitories seem much larger, airier and brighter.


new volunteer bungalows New showers and toilets at MCP



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Marine Conservation Philippines base empty due to COVID19