PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) was founded in 1966 and is a privately owned corporation that earns profit by publishing manuals on SCUBA diver training, by certifying divers who have gone through a sanctioned PADI program and by annual fees paid by affiliated PADI diveshop and professionals.  While there are a number of other SCUBA training agencies, PADI is  currently the worlds largest recreational SCUBA diving agency. At Marine Conservation Philippines we have chosen to offer our volunteers the PADI range of courses in addition to the scientific diving training.

PADI materials are easy to understand, come in many different languages and are comprehensive enough, that a reader will get to know what he needs to know for the current level of diving, no more, no less. The PADI philosophy is that divers should get in the water as soon as possible – after all, it’s in the water you learn to dive, not in the classroom. The actual SCUBA training is focused on the needs of the individual students, and is performance based. In other words, people learn differently, but once you’ve mastered whatever skill you are trying to learn, you can move on.  Unlike a scientific divers license, which has to be renewed every few years, and where you have stay active with your scientific diving, a PADI dive license will never expire. Of course that doesn’t mean divers won’t lose proficiency over time if they stay dry, but the actual license will not expire.

In recent years PADI has transitioned to a more and more environmentally friendly approach, and is now actively promoting the usage of digital materials rather than old fashioned books for the studying for scuba courses.   As such, volunteers with Marine Conservation Philippines will receive their PADI materials digitally, so they can prepare themselves for their scuba courses without worrying about the environmental impact.  This way, you can even start studying for your PADI Open Water course on the way to the Philippines. Additionally certification cards which used to be printed on plastic, and get sent around the world are now instead accessible via an online app.  All great moves we are strongly behind!

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