For some components of our projects, we seek program participants with academic backgrounds in marine and environmental science. Besides helping our research, we hope that by providing opportunities for early career scientists, we may help create the conservationists of tomorrow.

We seek dedicated people with a background in marine science (either current students or people looking for working experience after completing their studies).

We recognize that thesis students typically contribute much more than regular volunteers both to conservation and to our organisation, and that the work carried out has a desirous long term application. Since we don’t have external funding, we  do however need you to cover most of your costs. The heavily reduced participation fee reflect your contribution to us.

We will provide any letters, documents or other help needed if you are looking for grants or other funding. Keep in mind it often takes a while for requests by grants to get approved, so start looking long before you plan to join us.

  • Enrolled in a MSc or BSc program in (marine) biology, environmental sciences or similar;
  • Willing to carry out an independent research project at MCP;
  • Will design a research proposal back home;
  • A university tutor will help with writing a research proposal and final report;
  • The research proposal needs to be logistically compatible with our running programs. This is agreed upon by us before you come;
  • Inform us before you come what your university expects of us in terms of evaluation and tutoring;
  • Stay for a minimum of 16 weeks, so you have ample time to get to know the location, hone your research skills and gather your data;
  • Bring your own laptop for data entry. Any other research materials that aren’t available already need to be brought or bought by you from your own budget.
  • Collected data will be freely available for everybody. Your research report will be published on our website.
  • If you publish a scientific article, your MCP tutor will be listed as co-author. If MCP publishes an article, you will be co-author if part of the data is from your research.

What You Will Learn

You will improve your skills as a researcher. You will learn to be independent and self-reliant. It is a good step up if you would like to continue as a researcher after your studies. With your tutor back home you will design a good research proposal and you will carry it out while with us. This will improve your creativity both in designing feasible research proposals, managing changing circumstances and reporting it in a consistent manner.

If you have your own topic in mind, you can discuss it with us, and we’ll consider it carefully, if we think it is feasible with logistics, our location and facilities in mind.

What We Offer

  • Tutoring on site;
  • Feedback on your proposal, activities and methodology;
  • Usage of all the MCP facilities;
  • Training in methodology and species identification if required for your work;
  • 66% discount on the normal volunteer fee. You will pay only $150/week. This includes three daily meals; tea, coffee and water; various snacks; basic dorm accommodation; free scuba diving and use of dive gear; marine park fees.
  • Ability to join any PADI dive course you wish to. (to the extent it offered anyway, and if not detrimental to program needs or scheduling) You have to pay for the PADI certification and required manual(s). Kindly note divemaster training takes many weeks, and may not be compatible with a thesis-placement due to workload.
  • Assistance from program volunteers for data collection if needed and depending on availability, scheduling and program needs.
  • Possibility of presenting your research proposal and research findings to the staff and volunteers, and – if relevant, to the community as well.
  • An inspiring and fun working environment of local and international conservationists, volunteers and scientists.

If you a thinking about doing the divemaster course while writing your thesis with us, add at least four extra weeks to have enough time. The minimum duration is then 20 weeks.  During those four week, during your divemaster course, you will be paying the regular volunteer price.

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