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Articles and Publications

In this section you’ll find publications, white papers and articles written by MCP staff, interns and external contributors. Most articles relate to the subject matter we study and work with, namely conservation, marine biology and scientific diving. As a research centre employing scuba diving, we also find it natural that some of the articles relate to scuba diving safety, equipment, training and methodology.

Kindly note most of these articles, especially those on scuba diving, are intended for a wide audience, and we fully encourage our contributors to write their articles in plain English. 

Some of these articles are merely informational, others are technical or scientific while a third group are opinion pieces. Please don’t confuse one for the other. Anything presented in articles, especially those of an editorial nature, are the thoughts of the individual authors – if we feel markedly differently about issues or need to comment as an organisation – Marine Conservation Philippines will add commentary as an appendix.


Scientific Articles and white papers


Articles on Scuba Diving safety and equipment


Opinion pieces on Environment

  • 2015 Choosing a bigger Evil  A discussion on the safety of nuclear energy with surprising figures and conclusions by MCP Founder, Soren Knudsen
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Marine Conservation Philippines welcome contributions to our articles section. If you have something on your mind regarding scientific diving, scuba safety, gear, conservation or other environmental issues please get in touch with us through the contact form.