MCP Volunteer Handbook

If you have any questions about volunteering at Marine Conservation Philippines and you cannot find any answers in the FAQ, it is likely you will find them in this handbook. We recommend that all volunteers read this handbook in its entirety before starting their stay at MCP.


last update: September 2022

Anki Flash Cards

During your stay at Marine Conservation Philippines, you will most likely be involved with conducting some of our reef surveys. We conduct three different types of survey here. These types are substrate (bottom composition), invertebrate life, and fish life. Learning species and types of substrate can be difficult for some, so we recommend starting the learning process before you arrive using Anki flash cards. If you are unfamiliar with Anki, it’s an extremely neat little program used to display decks of flashcards you can use for aiding fast learning of anything really. New languages, faces of people or even fish species! You will want to download the latest version of Anki from their webpage. It runs on pretty much anything – OSX, Windows, Linux as well as tablets and smartphones.

Last updates to Anki decks: December, 2018
Fish Anki Decks
Other Anki Decks

Survey Manuals

If you’re really anxious to get started or are part of another organization looking to use our survey methods, you can find full outlines of our methodology here. These manuals give a reasonable overview of the type of survey dives you will be doing during your volunteer stay at Marine Conservation Philippines. To get a quick overview you may wish to start with the primer.

Last update/revision to invert survey manual: June, 2020

Last update/revision to substrate survey manual: June, 2020

Last update/revision to fish survey manuals: June, 2020

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