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Diving in the Philippines

It’s no secret, that the scuba diving in the Philippines ranks amongst the best in the world, The Visayas, our base of operations is ideally suited for all levels of divers. Of course there’s occasional storms, but Zamboanguita on Negros oriental has calm conditions most of the year as we’re sheltered behind other islands and in sort of a golden belt of tranquility in the Philippines. The heavy floods and storms pass either to the north or south of us. Whether you’re already an experienced diver or one about to embark on the journey of becoming one through the PADI open water course you’ll find dive sites that will stun you. With around 7000 islands right in the middle of the coral triangle it’s inevitable that the Philippines rank high as a destination for scuba divers. Of course the extensive ship traffic between the islands has also make the Philippies a haven for wreck diving afficionados, although sadly the waters on the east coast of Negros aren’t littered with ship wrecks at the sort of depths usually reached by recreational divers.

There’s a wealth of different dive sites and environments to explore, and as a volunteer with the project you’ll have a unique chance to dive in some areas very few have seen – you may even go and do exploratory diving. When you volunteer with the organisation the diving takes place where current projects need it. At the moment of writing we’re working hard on finishing our baseline study of the approximately 40 kilometers of coast we’re focusing on. This means we selected about a dozen representative sites for the area, and volunteers help us gather the data on biodiversity needed to form the framewrk for future conservation policies for the sounthern municipalities of Zamboanguita and Siaton.

You could also be helping with constrution of artificial reefs, do reef clean ups or help recover lost fishtraps or remove ghostnets. From time to time we use the patrol boat of the Municipality of Zamboanguita to do work, but as most of the diving we undertake is coastal we generally reach the diveareas in our trucks and walk in from shore.

About once a month, we try to let all volunteers unwind on a daytrip to Apo Island, to enjoy some amazing diving on their day off without reels, slates, cameras or other scentific apparel.