Marine Conservation Philippines (MCP) is a leading marine conservation NGO dedicated to preserving and protecting coastal resources in the Philippines through education, volunteerism and research. We engage local communities and policy makers and strive to find solutions that will benefit both man and nature in the long run.

Mission Statement: Using science to understand how local and global pressures affect marine ecosystems, we empower, engage, and build local and national capacity to reduce and adapt to these pressures, aiming for a sustainable future for the Philippine people and environment.

No current vacancies sorry.

These are two last two positions posted. The positions are not vacant.

Junior Data Analyst and data visualization officer


Junior Science officer

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Job Title: Junior Data Analyst and Data Visualization Officer

Location: Homebased, or at Marine Conservation Philippines HQ

Duration: 6 months initially, with extension possible.  Half time employment

Salary: Competitive local salary

Probation Period: 2 Months

Reports to: MCP senior science team

Closing Date for Applications: Dec 1st, 2023

Additional Benefits:  Possibility of gaining or furthering PADI training, if candidate is located nearby or has possibility of traveling to MCP campus.

Position Objective

Create BI solutions that visually render ecological data and present information through various formats, like graphs, charts or heat maps, and create dashboards usable for internal and external purposes when communicating to stakeholders. You have a high skill level at using tools like Tableau og Microsoft Power BI and are familiar with web integration.

Analyse extensive ecological datasets (presently stores in Google sheets) collected by staff and volunteers, and identify trends, anomalies, errors, methodological inconsistencies or procedural errors etc. and present issues and progress at weekly bi-weekly online meetings with your colleagues on the science team.

Take a lead role in ensuring our online data portal is a valuable tool (working as close to real time tool as possible) to local stakeholders, ranging from local fisherfolk associations to other NGOs and government agencies.

Potentially, If you have local knowledge and a background in marine biology (or related field), to take a lead role in authoring timely reports on our findings to concerned parties (primarily local government units and government agencies) and draw on the marine biology and ecology knowledge of your colleagues on the MCP science team. Alternatively to provide council and data-based oversight and validation to MCP conservation recommendation.

Potentially, to use existing datasets to do ecological modeling, with the primary aim to detect ecological correlations acting as indicators or markers of changes in biomass, diversity and other reef health indicators.

Profile Expectations: 

• Ability to work remotely and independently on agreed upon tasks, and meet reasonable deadlines.

• Although you are hired for your expertise, you are a team-player and are willing to work collaboratively with staff and interns. You understand the value of giving constructive feedback, and are considerate of other people when doing so.

• This is half-time position, and can be fulfilled by someone engaged in an existing job already. This can be your side hustle pet project, or you perhaps work as a consultant with multiple clients.


• Strong mathematical and statistical understanding.

• Visualization and webintegration. You have demonstrated ability in creating efficient BI dashboards, using various charts, graphs etc. in efficient designs.

• A strong analytical background, with experience in analyzing data and ability to identify modeling opportunities from the static.

• Complete fluency in written and spoken English.

• Able to commit to at least half a year.

Additionally we value:

• Filipino background or familiarity with working in the Philippines.

• You do not necessarily need a degree in marine biology, but it will greatly aid you in understanding datasets if you have at least a basic understanding of mangrove and coral reef processes, and familiarity handling such data.

Application process: Send your CV (max. 2 pages) and a 1 page cover letter detailing how you meet the job requirements to under the subject “Junior Data Analyst Application”. Shortlisted applications will be contacted to complete a round of Skype interviews. Additionally, expect prior to hiring, to be given access to a certain dateset and create a limited series of dashboard highlighting your ability to visualize pertinent data.

Job Title: Junior Science Officer

Location: Marine Conservation Philippines (MCP), Siit Arboretum, Lutoban Village, Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental, Philippines, 6218

Duration: 12 months, with extension possible.  Full time employment

Salary: Competitive local salary. Full board and accommodation provided.

Probation Period: 2 Months

Reports to: MCP senior science team

Closing Date for Applications: Dec 1st, 2023

Additional Benefits:  Possibility of gaining or furthering PADI professional and technical training.

Position Objective

• Train volunteers in theory and in-water work pertaining to coral reef monitoring. (with the primary aim of determining health and productivity for food security purposes.)

• Help plan, in a weekly meeting of science staff, weekly conservation activities/responsibilities (including monitoring, engagement, research etc) to ensure outputs can be coordinated and achieved and that action plan milestones can be discussed and the associated tasks shared.

• Aid senior staff in creating reports, (twice annually, for each target Municipality) to assess the effectiveness of MPAs from the primary perspective: The direct and indirect evidence of progress toward outlined goals (improvement in fisheries productivity for the vast majority)


• You have an academic background, volunteer and/or work experiences, that qualifies you to deliver presentations and in-water teaching of scientific diving. This user-level primer on our monitoring work may be helpful, and see our downloads also.

• You’re an experienced and comfortable scuba diver.  You are at least PADI rescue level (or equivalent.)

• Driver’s License (and ability to drive with manual transmission.) You will be driving trucks like Kia 2500.

• You communicate comfortably in English, and can teach a diverse multinational group of program participants. Excellent written English is highly appreciated too.

• Able to commit to at least a year.

• You of course need time off like everyone else, but you will live on campus and be present at most meals and take active part in the social life at base.

• You appreciate people around you having a sense of humor, and are not easily offended.

• You’re highly motivated, energetic, passionate, fit and healthy.

• You’re extrovert and a bit of a social butterfly. You are sociable and easy to get along with. You take a natural interest in people around you and you’re an olympic champion at small talk.

• You are happy to share a bathroom with a colleague.  (We have various accommodation possibilities, but they all require a private shared bathroom.)

Additionally we value, but do not require:

• Experience with citizen science programs, camp environments, isolated location workplaces.  Perhaps you’ve volunteered yourself?

• Non-smokers.

• Filipino background or familiarity with working in the Philippines.

• Dive professionals, either divemaster or instructor background. Technical diving background very welcome too.

• Knowledge of compressor and dive gear maintenance

• Web design skills (WordPress, SEO)
and other IT technical knowledge

We’re an easy going multinational group of colleagues, and we care not about age, skin color or sexual orientation. As long as you’re a nice person, (and shower with some frequency) you can have all the tattoos you want and look like a wookie.

Application process: Send your CV (max. 2 pages) and a 1 page cover letter detailing how you meet the job requirements to under the subject “Junior Science Officer”. Shortlisted applications will be contacted to complete a round of Skype interviews.

Equal Opportunities

MCP is committed to the principle of equal employment opportunity for all employees and to providing employees with a work environment free of discrimination and harassment. All employment decisions are based on our organisational needs, job requirements and individual qualifications, without regard to race, color, religion or belief, national, social or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital or domestic partnership status, family or parental status, or any other status otherwise protected by the laws of the Philippines. MCP will not tolerate discrimination or harassment based on any of these characteristics.

Early career scientists and conservationists often find it difficult to secure gainful employment. If you are in this position, possibly doing an internship (paid or otherwise) could help give you valuable experience and build your network and skills.

MCP offers different internship possibilities, aiming to continually have a media intern, a dive instructor trainee, a research intern and two science officer interns. Please get in touch with us to enquire about vacancies.

Research Intern
Research Intern

Active independant research role working under a supervisor. You are postgrad, or enrolled in a BSc, MSc in oceanography, marine biology, conservation science or similar relevant field. 16+ weeks.

Media Intern
Media Intern

Usually a non-diving placement as inhouse creative. Help create: Billboards, social media marketing, website creation and maintenance, blogging, illustrations and info-graphics, web-content. 6+ weeks.

PADI Instructor intern
PADI Instructor intern

An internship for a current PADI instructor (or if you wish to undergo training to become one.) For some candidates this starts with a divemaster internship slowly transitioning into becoming an instructor apprentice. 10+ weeks.

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