Foodies rejoice!

Melba’s cookbook is finally here!

If you’ve volunteered with MCP, you know everyone raves about Melba’s cooking. This is a fine collection of volunteer favorites with all her best recipes that you can do at home. It’s got both the meaty stuff as well as vegetarian/vegan dishes.

We are trying to be good to nature, so there’s no ressources wasted on printing, and it’s also good for traveling light. The cookbook is of course a downloadable PDF, but if you want to you can of course print it yourself.

The book has 68 glorious pages of mouth watering pictures, excellent recipes and quirky nuggets of Visayan wisdom such as “Don’t hit a rat in the kitchen – they like it and will be back for more!” You’re going to have to buy the book to find out why you should carry garlic in your pocket!

Get cooking!
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Your Donation

You decide how much you want to pay for the cookbook. The Payment is handled through PayPal (you do not need to be a PayPal user, you just need a credit card.) Once you’ve paid, you will be taken to a new webpage for the download.

No matter if you pay 10, 15 or 20 USD, your money is distributed like this:

10% Goes directly to Melba. She is the chef after all. You can consider it a kind tip to her and Bernard!
90% Goes to worthy causes in and around Zamboanguita as community outreach.

We are deeply grateful for any and all purchases – you’re awesome for wanting to tip Melba and help the community!

These are the things cookbook purchases have sponsored,

  • LCD Projector for Zamboanguita Science High School
  • Paint, plywood, nails and epoxy for patrol boat for the Bantay Dagat of Zamboanguita.
  • Christmas presents for the kids on Lutoban Beach 2018
  • Paints, signs etc plus dood and decorations for the openings of the mangrove boardwalk in Siit
  • Christmas presents for the kids on Lutoban Beach 2019
  • 50 sacks of rice for emergency help to the less fortunate in community during COVD19 lockdown.

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