The HQ of Marine Conservation Philippines is located in Zamboanguita – about thirty km south of Dumaguete on the island of Negros Oriental. If you’re an international volunteer, your international flight will most likely arrive either in Manila or in Cebu. From there, you will need to make your way to MCP via Dumaguete. Look below for more details!

Manila to Dumaguete

There are two airlines operating the Manila – Dumaguete route: Cebu Pacific Airlines and Philippine Airlines. There are currently eight daily departures and prices are around 2000 php for a one- way ticket. Be sure to check baggage allowances before flying as domestic flights in the Philippines usually have a smaller allowance than international flights.

Cebu to Dumaguete

There are several ways of getting to Marine Conservation Philippines from Cebu, depending on your budget.

By air: Cebu Pacific Airways operates the fare with one daily departure. Tickets are around 1500 php one way.

By slow-boat: There are several departures from Cebu every day. Traveltime is about 6 hours with prices starting at 350 php. You find the departures on

By fast ferry:
 Ocean Jet operates this route with several departures every day. Traveltime is about 4 hours with prices around 600 php.

By bus: Take a Ceres Bus from the Southbound Bus terminal to Dumaguete. Traveltime is around 6 hours and costs 200 php.

Dumaguete to MCP

When you arrive in Dumaguete, whether by plane or ferry, you catch a tricycle to the Ceres Liners bus station. (Just say busstation – there is only one in town. It’ll probably cost around 100 peso depending on how well you haggle.) Here you board the bus heading towards Bayawan. Ask the driver to drop you off at the Mayabon Crossing.

Another possibility is travelling by jeepney. Catch a tricycle to the jeepney station by Robinson’s Mall. Board a jeepney bound for Siaton and ask the onboard collector to drop you off at the Mayabon crossing in Zamboanguita. Travelling by jeepney is even cheaper than the bus.

From the Mayabon crossing, you’ll need to get a habal-habal driver (motorcycle taxi) to take you all the way to camp a few kilometers down the coastal road. The price should be around 40-50 peso. All the drivers know where MCP or Marine Conservation Philippines is, but you’ll also drive right past our sign too on the right side of the road.

We are happy to arrange a pick up in Dumaguete airport (DGT) or at the ferry terminal. Just let us know your scheduled arrival time in advance and we’ll come pick you up. We accept new arrivals every second Monday.

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