Start with a idea

If you’re thinking of organising your own beach or underwater clean-up there are lots of useful resources out there to help. Here’s a list of some that can get you started. They range from educational posters to detailed guidelines on how to organise a big event with important, local stakeholders.

Decide what kind of impact you want your event to have. Would you like to collect specific data on the trash you find and report it to a global database driving international change, like Ocean Conservancy? Or would you like to conduct a brand audit to see which companies are producing the most waste on your beaches and make them aware via social media?

Whatever you decide, your actions will have positive impacts on the people around you and will help drive change towards a cleaner environment for us all! 

World Ocean Day

June 8 – every year

Coastal and Inland Clean-up Guide, Guide to Talking about Ocean Plastic Pollution, Plastic Pollution Lesson and Action Plan,  for the Ocean Toolkit, Upcycling Guidebook:

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