In our vision we hope to a see a pristine environment that is free from the unnecessary pressures of overfishing, unsustainable fishing and poor waste management. In order to bring this vision of sustainability into reality we need to focus our conservation efforts on more than just what is happening in the water; we need to be in the communities, in the schools and in the government offices. This holistic approach is the only approach that will allow ecosystems the chance to recover and thrive through long-term local sustainable management.

We support conservation activities in the area around Zamboanguita with help from our volunteers, technical expertise and logistical support. As we are getting to know more and more people and organizations, and they are starting to know us, we are participating in and thinking up even more projects.

Projects range from (marine) biological and conservation research, community based conservation activities, and educational work. Some of our projects are planned and executed by our interns during their stay here, while others (especially community-outreach projects), are run by staff and volunteers on an ongoing basis.

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