Marine Conservation Philippines is heavily involved with the local youth. Reaching out to the youth of today and introducing them to environmental issues is of vital importance to our mission as these youth will become the policy makers and voters of tomorrow. We have created several youth programs based upon environmental awareness to teach lessons that they will ideally carry with them throughout their entire lives. Read on to see more about our programs…

Environmental Club

Environmental club is an activity day once a month for students from Science High school Zamboanguita, (local Municipal) which has been running for two years. Each month a different topic is chosen by the students and with the help of our volunteers we plan fieldtrips, presentations, artwork and other fun educational workshops surrounding the topic. These topics can range from coastal ecosystems, (coral reefs, mangroves, seagrass) to local environmental threats such as plastic pollution. We can also look into the deep oceans where the strangest creatures live, or explore tidal pools to learn about local marine invertebrates. We clean up the beaches, educate about better waste management and how we can reuse, recycle and reuse in our daily routines.

The aim of this club is to create passion and awareness for our aquatic environment for the students, to help understand the importance of why we need to protect such fragile ecosystems and to have an opportunity to actually jump in and experience.

Kid’s Club

Kid;s Club is a magical day hosted by our volunteers for children from the barangay (local village) of Lutoban. This day is spent on the beach with educational games, creativity and artwork, beach clean-ups, mangrove planting and a swim to end the day. Most kids come from fisherfolk families so through education we can help create awareness of the importance of our oceans and how to live sustainably and still have a livelihood in the future. It is also a chance for volunteers to learn about the Filipino Culture and to gain experience organising and managing a fun day out.

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