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Volunteer Handbook

Volunteer Handbook

Download Anki flash card decks If you are going to be involved with indicator fish surveys, substrate composition analysis or invertebrate ID you may download these decks of flash cards, to help you prepare ahead and learn ID'ing ahead of joining us as a volunteer. If you are unfamiliar with Anki, it's an extremely neat little program used to display decks of flashcards you can use for aiding fast learning of anything really. New languages, faces of people or even fish species! You will want to download the latest version of Anki from their webpage. It runs on pretty much anything - OSX, Windows, Linux as well as tablets and smartphones.

Last updates to Anki decks: April, 2017

Download survey manuals

Last update/revision to invert and substrate manuals: November, 2017

Last update/revision to fish survey manuals: April, 2017