It’s very easy not to consider that which you cannot see. For many years this has been the case with the world’s oceans – the world at large has been turning a blind eye to the tremendous strain the human race has put on the seas. Predatory industrial fishing, pollution, global warming and deliberate calculated harvesting of endangered species has left us all a point where it’s important to fight back.

As a volunteer at Marine Conservation Philippines, you’ll experience both the splendor of the seas and witness shortsighted wanton destruction of coral reefs. You’ll learn through scientific diving why the protection of the seas is of paramount importance to a myriad of ecosystems, and through your very real contribution to our efforts, you’ll help affect change. Most importantly, when you eventually leave us, you too will become an ambassador of change.

What Will I Do?

During your stay with Marine Conservation Philippines, you can take part in many different projects. Some of our projects are one offs – the creation of artificial reefs for example, while others are continually ongoing – like the surveying of coral reefs along the southern coast of Negros Island. While surveying, we document species abundance, substrate coverage, and damage to coral reefs. Our scientists work on various projects. Some study reef resilience, others climate change, and still others reef restoration.

In addition to volunteer activities in the water, we do a great deal of work on land as well. Part of what we do is visit local schools and teach about important ocean issues. By reaching out to the next generation we believe we can change the future, and spread the knowledge of how everyone can do their part in saving the seas. We have created various community outreach programs, ranging from teaching first aid to community groups to doing summer camps for children. Additionally, we always try to lend a hand with various community work when invited or needed.

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